Cinema has the power to enhance and transform our lives. It can transform our consciousness, freeing us from conventional ideas about the nature of reality and leading us to a more authentic existence. It can make us more aware of the expressions of our unconscious and help us discover and integrate disowned parts of ourselves and to pursue an ultimate wholeness and balance in our lives. That is, cinema can help us individuate.


The films most likely to prove transformative are the classic art films.  Accordingly, this website aims to facilitate close viewing of some of these great films.

Further, the site aims at being an interactive site. I have posted some preliminary comments, but a great deal more can be said about each film. I hope that viewers will add their own comments that result from their reflective viewing.

As of September 14, 2014, summaries, analyses, and reflections on the following films have been posted on Art Film Reflections:

Individuating with Film